We are a young company and it is important for us to get a sufficient feedback from our customers!

Therefore, if you are unhappy with the quality of items, or you find we slipped off the size chart we are always happy to hear your comments and if necessary exchange the item.

Return policy
If you are not completely satisfied with color, style, size, or some other parameters, we are happy to exchange the item for a more suitable product or refund your money.

You can always cancel the order in whole or in part upon receiving it from the carrier, or within 14 days of the purchase with your order receipt.

Return of goods of good quality possible if all the properties of its exterior maintained (packaging and labeling of goods). In this case, you will be refunded only the cost of goods. Shipping cost and return shipping are not compensated. Partial returns delivery costs are not refundable.

If found defect and its origin is not obvious an independent examination of the goods will be conducted within 7 days from the date of the request. The client has the right to participate in the examination and challenge the conclusion in the court.

How to return
1. In case of return of goods, please contact us via e-mail: and we will reply to you within 2 days of the request.

2. File a free form application.

3. Send your items with all original accessories, receipt, a copy of your passport and invoice by Russian Post to our street address. Also return to the pick-up point is possible.

4. Get a refund to your bank card or by cash.

Please do not forget to check the quality of goods and compleсtation of the order at the time of delivery.

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